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 Million Rupee Business Ideas

A powerful course to help aspiring entrepreneurs uncover different ways to generate impactful business ideas. Having gone through this course you will never have a dearth of business ideas.

 Launchathon Sessions

A powerful series of weekly masterclasses, compiled in a chronological order of batches to help the participants with a step-by-step approach towards starting their businesses.  Each session is strengthened with templates, home assignments, and additional learning resources to make the entrepreneurial journey easy and power-packed with knowledge.

 Million Rupee Business Secrets

 Vision Mission Blueprint

A powerful course to help you uncover your purpose, chart out your Vision and then take confident strides towards achieving the same.

Precision Start-up Bootcamp

A power-packed 5-Day Bootcamp to help understand the most potent concepts pertaining to entrepreneurship.

 Guest Lecture Series

A powerful compilation of sessions covering various topics of significance in the entrepreneurial journey.

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